Women's Union Promotes Community, Service During Ramadan in Abu Dhabi

The General Women's Union (GWU) actively participated in Ramadan activities throughout Abu Dhabi in 2015, fostering a spirit of community and service during the holy month. Their initiatives aimed to empower women and enrich the cultural experience of Ramadan for all residents.

One key focus area for the GWU was organizing إفطار ( إفطار - iftaar) gatherings, the evening meal to break the daily fast. These events brought together women from various backgrounds to share a meal and celebrate Ramadan together. The GWU also distributed food parcels and essential supplies to underprivileged families, ensuring they could observe Ramadan with dignity.

Religious education programs were another key aspect of the GWU's Ramadan activities. They offered lectures and workshops on various Islamic topics, led by female scholars. These sessions provided women with a platform to enhance their religious knowledge and understanding of Ramadan traditions.

The GWU recognized the importance of cultural exchange during Ramadan. They hosted traditional Emirati food demonstrations and handicraft workshops, allowing women to connect with their heritage and share it with others.

Furthermore, the GWU addressed the social and spiritual needs of women during Ramadan. They organized mental health workshops and counseling sessions to provide support and guidance.

The General Women's Union's Ramadan initiatives in Abu Dhabi in 2015 were lauded for their success in promoting women's empowerment, fostering a sense of community, and enriching the spiritual experience of Ramadan for all residents of the Emirate.

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