Kalba's Al Hafiya Lake Gets Boost from SEWA Infrastructure Upgrade

The Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA) has significantly bolstered Al Hafiya Lake's infrastructure with a recently completed project. The initiative, valued at AED 27 million (US$7. 35 million), involved the construction of a new pumping station and the extension of water lines to the lake. This vital upgrade aims to support the burgeoning development and tourism sectors within Kalba.

Moza Al Zaabi, Director of the Kalba Department of SEWA, highlighted the project's significance in aligning with Kalba's ongoing urban and civil renaissance. SEWA's commitment to providing exceptional electricity and water services for development and tourism projects strengthens this growth.

The newly built pumping station boasts five pumps with international specifications, each capable of delivering 660 cubic meters of water per hour. This increased capacity ensures Al Hafiya Lake has a sustainable water supply to meet its current and future needs. Additionally, a ground water tank with a storage capacity of half a million liters was constructed as part of the project.

Engineer Al Zaabi emphasized SEWA's dedication to developing all areas of Kalba and providing superior services around the clock. The authority's continuous efforts in infrastructure development contribute to the wider construction and development process spearheaded by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.

The Al Hafiya Lake project is just one of several key initiatives undertaken by SEWA in Kalba during 2022. These projects encompass supplying electricity and water services to various developments, including 11 tourism and service projects, 192 residential homes, and 93 commercial buildings. SEWA has also played a crucial role in establishing and connecting eight stations with 11 kilometers of power lines. Upgrading the electricity network involved replacing overhead lines with ground cables, offering better reliability and improved aesthetics.

SEWA's commitment to infrastructure development in Kalba extends beyond Al Hafiya Lake. The authority has undertaken similar projects in the Al Ghayl region, constructing a new station and connecting 11 kilometers of power lines. Additionally, overhead lines in the Wadi Al Helo region have been replaced with underground cables, enhancing the area's visual appeal and network stability.

By investing in Kalba's infrastructure, SEWA paves the way for the emirate's continued growth and flourishment. The Al Hafiya Lake project exemplifies SEWA's dedication to providing essential services and supporting Kalba's transformation into a thriving tourism and development hub.

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