Over 1, 000 Athletes to Compete in Inaugural UAE Games for People of Determination

Excitement is building in Abu Dhabi as the emirate gears up to host the inaugural UAE Games for People of Determination, kicking off tomorrow. The landmark event, organized by the Special Olympics UAE, brings together over 1, 000 athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities, unified partners (athletes without intellectual disabilities competing alongside them), and supporting staff.

The UAE Games for People of Determination is a two-part affair. The first half features the Unified Schools UAE Games, a platform for students with intellectual disabilities from mainstream schools across the country to showcase their athletic abilities and compete alongside their peers. This fosters a spirit of inclusion and camaraderie within the educational system.

The second part of the Games welcomes athletes from centers and clubs for People of Determination throughout the UAE. They will be vying for medals in six sporting disciplines:football, badminton, basketball, bowling, powerlifting, and esports. The inclusion of esports reflects the growing popularity of competitive video gaming and is a first for a Special Olympics event in the region.

The Special Olympics UAE has long played a vital role in providing year-round sports training and competition opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. This mega-event is a significant milestone in the organization's journey, promoting a more inclusive society and empowering athletes with intellectual disabilities to achieve their full potential.

The Games are expected to be a celebration of athletic talent, determination, and the unifying power of sports. The event will also serve as a platform to raise awareness about intellectual disabilities and promote acceptance and inclusion for people of determination within the community.

Organizers have expressed their hope that the UAE Games for People of Determination will become an annual event, leaving a lasting legacy of promoting a culture of inclusivity and transforming the lives of people with intellectual disabilities in the UAE.

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