Sharjah Attracts Over 65, 000 Foreign Businesses

Sharjah, one of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has emerged as a major hub for foreign businesses. With a thriving economy and strategic location, the emirate has attracted over 65, 000 foreign companies, according to Sharjah's FDI Office (Invest in Sharjah). This surge in foreign investment is attributed to a number of factors, including Sharjah's robust economic growth and its well-developed free zones.

Sharjah's economy has been experiencing a period of sustained growth. In 2023, the emirate's GDP witnessed a significant 6. 5% increase, reaching approximately Dh145. 2 billion (USD 39. 5 billion). This growth momentum is expected to continue, fueled by government initiatives aimed at diversifying the economy and attracting foreign investment.

One of the key drivers of foreign investment in Sharjah is the presence of well-established free zones. These free zones offer foreign businesses a number of advantages, including tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership, and streamlined business setup procedures. Sharjah boasts several free zones catering to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and technology.

The emirate's strategic location also plays a significant role in its attractiveness to foreign businesses. Sharjah is situated on the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Dubai, another major commercial center in the region. This proximity to Dubai allows businesses in Sharjah to leverage Dubai's world-class infrastructure and logistics network. Additionally, Sharjah's location provides easy access to major markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The influx of foreign businesses has had a positive impact on Sharjah's economy. Foreign companies contribute significantly to the emirate's GDP and create employment opportunities for the local population. The presence of foreign businesses also fosters innovation and knowledge transfer, further propelling Sharjah's economic development.

Sharjah's commitment to attracting foreign investment is evident in its ongoing efforts to improve its business environment. The emirate has implemented a number of reforms aimed at simplifying business setup procedures and reducing bureaucracy. Additionally, the government has invested in developing world-class infrastructure, including transportation networks and communication facilities.

Looking ahead, Sharjah is well-positioned to continue attracting foreign businesses. The emirate's strong economic fundamentals, strategic location, and business-friendly policies make it an attractive destination for foreign investors. As Sharjah continues to develop and diversify its economy, it is poised to play an increasingly important role in the global marketplace.

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