Presidents of UAE and Indonesia Reinforce Strategic Partnership

The presidents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Indonesia, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and His Excellency Joko Widodo, held a productive phone call on February 21, 2024. The discussion centered on strengthening the strategic partnership between the two nations, with a particular focus on economic and investment cooperation that fosters sustainable development for both countries.

President Sheikh Mohamed extended his congratulations to President Widodo on the successful conduct of Indonesia's recent presidential elections. He acknowledged the significant efforts undertaken to bolster relations between the UAE and Indonesia across various sectors. These efforts, he emphasized, have significantly contributed to the ongoing prosperity of both nations.

President Widodo expressed his gratitude to President Sheikh Mohamed, highlighting his pride in the flourishing bilateral ties. He extended his best wishes for the UAE's continued progress and prosperity.

The leaders reviewed the progress made in strategic bilateral cooperation, particularly in the economic and investment domains. They recognized the importance of this collaboration in driving sustainable economic growth that benefits the people of both nations.

The phone call also provided an opportunity for the presidents to exchange greetings and well wishes on the occasion of the Islamic New Year. They offered prayers for a year of growth and prosperity for both countries, along with peace, security, and stability for the Islamic world and the broader international community.

This latest communication between the presidents underscores the strong ties between the UAE and Indonesia. Both countries share a growing economic partnership, with the UAE being a significant investor in Indonesia's energy and infrastructure sectors. The recent natural gas discovery by Mubadala Energy in Indonesia, lauded by President Sheikh Mohamed, exemplifies the potential for further collaboration in the energy sector.

The leaders' commitment to fostering a robust economic partnership is expected to create new avenues for trade and investment, ultimately leading to mutual economic benefits. Their focus on sustainable development ensures that this growth is achieved responsibly and with a long-term vision.

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