Emirati Powerhouses Join Forces to Elevate Sports Arbitration

The Abu Dhabi CAS Alternative Hearing Centre (ADCAS HC) and the Emirates Sports Arbitration Centre (ESAC) have signed a momentous agreement, solidifying their positions as leading forces in sports dispute resolution. This collaboration aims to refine the mechanisms for settling disagreements within the athletic sphere and foster a culture of arbitration across the region.

The landmark agreement, inked in March 2022, outlines a multifaceted approach. Both entities will work together to develop and strengthen existing frameworks for resolving sports-related disputes through arbitration. This includes a focus on implementing rulings delivered by either center, ensuring their enforceability and effectiveness.

Furthermore, the partnership emphasizes the importance of fostering a highly skilled pool of arbitrators. The ADCAS HC and ESAC plan to collaborate on training initiatives, aiming to equip aspiring arbitrators with the necessary expertise to handle complex sporting controversies at both domestic and international levels. Lawyers specializing in sports law will not be left behind. The agreement includes provisions for qualification programs designed to bolster their ability to represent clients effectively in the arbitration process.

This strategic alliance leverages the distinct strengths of each organization. The ADCAS HC, established through a partnership between the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in 2012, offers a unique venue for CAS hearings within the Emirate. The ESAC, on the other hand, is a domestic entity created under UAE federal law, specializing in resolving sports disputes arising within the country.

By combining their resources and expertise, the ADCAS HC and ESAC are poised to significantly enhance the efficiency and reach of sports arbitration in the Emirates. This collaboration signifies the growing importance of the UAE as a key player in the global sports arbitration landscape. The streamlined procedures and highly qualified arbitrators fostered through this partnership will provide athletes, sports federations, and other stakeholders with a robust and reliable platform for resolving disputes, ultimately contributing to a fairer and more transparent sporting environment.

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