UAE Takes Point on BRICS Cooperation

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Minister of Foreign Affairs, recently took center stage in international diplomacy by chairing the inaugural meeting of the BRICS Steering Committee. Held virtually on June 2nd, 2024, the meeting brought together representatives from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – the member nations of the BRICS economic bloc.

The UAE's participation in the BRICS Steering Committee marks a significant development, considering the nation is not a formal member of the group. This inclusion reflects the growing importance of the UAE as a regional and global player, particularly in the economic sphere.

During the meeting, Sheikh Abdullah emphasized the importance of collaboration between the member states. He highlighted the need for a "team spirit" approach to enhance the UAE's contributions to BRICS initiatives. This collaborative effort, he stressed, would allow the UAE to showcase its pivotal role on the international stage.

Discussions also focused on the UAE's areas of engagement with the BRICS group. The UAE has expressed interest in actively participating in various BRICS working groups and task forces. This engagement aligns with the UAE's strategic goals for the year 2024, which prioritize sustainability, innovation, and economic diversification.

The BRICS presidency is currently held by Brazil, which has outlined its priorities for the group's activities. These priorities include strengthening global governance, tackling poverty and hunger, and addressing the challenges of climate change and energy transition. Sheikh Abdullah acknowledged these priorities and expressed the UAE's appreciation for the invitation to participate in the upcoming BRICS summit.

The UAE's participation in the BRICS Steering Committee is a strategic move that broadens its diplomatic and economic horizons. By collaborating with this influential group of emerging economies, the UAE seeks to amplify its voice on critical global issues and explore new avenues for economic cooperation. The upcoming BRICS summit and the UAE's active involvement in the group's working groups will be crucial in determining the nature and extent of this burgeoning partnership.

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