Emirates Steel Bolsters UAE's Downstream Industrial Ecosystem

Emirates Steel, the leading integrated steel producer in the Middle East, is playing a pivotal role in strengthening the United Arab Emirates' downstream industries. The company achieves this by supplying a significant portion of the sector's raw materials and actively supporting its growth.

Emirates Steel fulfills a staggering 90% of the UAE's downstream industry's demand for high-quality wire rods and heavy sections. These products serve as the foundation for a wide range of downstream applications, forming the backbone of various manufactured goods. This commitment aligns with the UAE's "Make it in the Emirates" initiative, which aims to enhance the competitiveness of national products on the global market.

Furthermore, Emirates Steel actively collaborates with downstream industry participants. By consistently supplying these companies with the necessary steel products, Emirates Steel helps them streamline their operations and focus on innovation in their respective domains. This translates to the production of high-value-added goods that can be successfully exported under the "Made in the Emirates" banner.

Examples of such collaborations include Emirates Steel's partnership with Classic Metallic Sheet Factory. Classic Metallic Sheet Factory utilizes Emirates Steel's wire rods to manufacture various construction materials like anchor bolts, hex bolts, and drywall screws. Similarly, Al Khaleej Steel Industries leverages Emirates Steel's products to create galvanized wires used for diverse applications, including cable armoring, fencing, and agricultural purposes.

The company's dedication extends beyond simply providing raw materials. Emirates Steel recognizes the immense potential within the UAE's downstream industries. The company's CEO, Saeed Ghumran Al Remeithi, expressed optimism regarding the sector's future, highlighting the abundance of investment opportunities. He anticipates significant growth driven by ongoing national efforts to solidify the downstream industry's role as a key driver of the UAE's sustainable economic development.

In line with this vision, Emirates Steel actively contributes to "Operation 300bn, " the UAE's Industrial Strategy. This ambitious initiative aims to significantly increase the industrial sector's contribution to the UAE's GDP by 2031. By ensuring a steady supply of high-quality steel products and fostering strong partnerships with downstream players, Emirates Steel is well-positioned to play a critical role in achieving this target.

Emirates Steel's commitment to the UAE's downstream industries extends beyond mere economic benefits. The company's support empowers domestic manufacturers, fosters innovation, and creates a robust industrial ecosystem. This, in turn, strengthens the UAE's position as a leading industrial hub within the region.

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