Dubai Chambers Convenes Forum to Deepen Public-Private Collaboration for Economic Growth

Dubai's business community took center stage in shaping the emirate's economic future during the inaugural edition of the "Engage Forum, " hosted by Dubai Chambers. The high-profile event, attended by over 100 industry leaders, aimed to leverage the expertise and networks of advisory council members to support the organization's strategic plans and generate tangible solutions for propelling Dubai's economic competitiveness.

The forum served as a platform for knowledge sharing and constructive dialogue between public and private sectors. Participants actively brainstormed ideas and solutions to address current market challenges and drive sustainable economic growth. Key areas of focus included fostering the success of family businesses, enhancing customer experience strategies, and attracting top talent to the region.

Dubai Chamber's Chairman, H. E. Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, emphasized the significance of the forum in harnessing the collective wisdom of the business community. "The Engage Forum presents a valuable opportunity to utilize the expertise and network of our advisory council members, " he remarked. "Their contributions will be instrumental in supporting Dubai Chamber's strategy and generating tangible ideas that can boost business growth and economic competitiveness. "

The forum underscored the growing importance of public-private partnerships in shaping Dubai's economic trajectory. H. E. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the critical role of collaboration in driving success. "The effective implementation of strategic initiatives and plans hinges on close collaboration between local and federal governments, coupled with active engagement with the private sector, " he asserted.

Discussions also delved into the future-oriented themes of Web3 and digital assets. Participants explored their potential to unlock new avenues for economic diversification and solidify Dubai's position as a global hub for innovation.

The forum's success underscores Dubai's commitment to fostering an environment that empowers the private sector to co-create its economic future. By actively engaging industry leaders in strategic planning, Dubai aims to harness the collective ingenuity and resources of its business community to propel the emirate's economic growth and solidify its position as a leading center for commerce and innovation.

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