Sharjah Charity Builds Hope with 273 Educational Projects Worldwide in 2023

Sharjah Charity International (SCI) capped off a successful year in 2023, announcing the completion of a staggering 273 educational projects across the globe. This ambitious initiative, valued at AED 10. 8 million, falls under the banner of SCI's impactful "Let's Learn" program.

Let's Learn focuses on bolstering educational infrastructure in underprivileged communities worldwide. The program achieves this by constructing classrooms, schools, and even significant educational centers. These facilities are then equipped with modern technology, including computers, to enhance the learning experience. Recognizing the crucial role educators play, SCI also allocates a portion of the project's funds to support teacher salaries.

SCI's dedication extends beyond simply building structures. The organization prioritizes creating nurturing learning environments that empower students. By fostering a love of learning and equipping them with essential knowledge, SCI hopes to empower these students to develop strong values and become positive contributors to their societies.

The far-reaching impact of the Let's Learn program is undeniable. According to Ali Al Rashidi, Head of Resources and Investment at SCI, these newly constructed facilities have the potential to serve over 10, 000 students each year. Mr. Al Rashidi emphasized the program's significance in bringing educational opportunities to children, particularly those residing in remote areas across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

SCI's commitment doesn't stop at construction. The organization maintains a focus on ensuring the projects' effectiveness through a robust monitoring system. This system guarantees that facilities are completed and delivered on schedule, with regular maintenance conducted to maximize their lifespan.

Sharjah Charity International's dedication to educational equity through the Let's Learn program serves as a shining example of the transformative power of philanthropy. By building schools, supporting educators, and fostering a love of learning, SCI is empowering future generations to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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