Sharjah Announces $54, 000 Award to Celebrate Global Guardians of Heritage

The Sharjah International Award for Cultural Heritage (SIACH) is calling on individuals, groups, and projects around the world to showcase their dedication to safeguarding cultural heritage. With a total prize pool of $54, 000, the award recognizes outstanding efforts in three key areas:preserving cultural heritage elements, celebrating "living human treasures, " and fostering top-tier research and studies.

Established by the Sharjah Institute for Heritage (SIH), the SIACH aims to shine a spotlight on the essential role cultural heritage plays in shaping identities and fostering understanding between communities. By acknowledging significant contributions, the award hopes to inspire further commitment to protecting and promoting cultural treasures for future generations.

The SIACH welcomes entries across three distinct fields. The "Best Practices for Preserving Elements of Cultural Heritage" category honors initiatives that effectively safeguard tangible and intangible aspects of cultural heritage. This could encompass restoration projects for historical sites, documentation of traditional crafts, or innovative approaches to language preservation.

The "Best Narrators (Living Human Treasures)" category recognizes individuals who embody and transmit cultural heritage traditions. These "living treasures" might be master artisans passing down their skills, storytellers keeping folklore alive, or practitioners of cultural heritage-based medicine.

Finally, the "Best Research and Studies in Cultural Heritage" category seeks to acknowledge exceptional scholarly contributions that advance the understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage. This could include groundbreaking research on historical periods, in-depth analyses of cultural practices, or innovative methodologies for heritage conservation.

Each of the three fields is further divided into three sub-categories – local, Arab world, and international – ensuring a truly global reach for the SIACH. This structure allows for recognition of efforts on various scales, from community-based initiatives to impactful international projects.

The application process for the SIACH is designed to be accessible and inclusive. All submissions will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of international experts, ensuring a rigorous and fair selection process.

The SIACH represents a significant commitment by Sharjah, a cultural hub in the United Arab Emirates, to fostering international collaboration and promoting the enduring value of cultural heritage. The award not only celebrates past achievements but also serves as a powerful motivator for future generations to become stewards of their cultural legacies.

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