Ajman abuzz with cultural exchange as Folk Arts & Popular Theatre Association convenes

The Ajman Department of Tourism and Culture played host to the much-anticipated general assembly meeting of the Folk Arts and Popular Theatre Association (FAPTA) on Sunday. Delegates from across the UAE and the wider Arab world converged in the emirate, marking a significant step towards fostering dialogue and collaboration within the traditional performance arts domain.

The FAPTA general assembly meeting served as a platform for member states to discuss the evolving landscape of folk arts and popular theater. Attendees deliberated on strategies to preserve and promote these age-old art forms, while also exploring avenues to integrate them into the contemporary cultural milieu.

Discussions centered around FAPTA's role in safeguarding the region's rich tapestry of folk traditions. The association aims to achieve this by establishing educational programs, fostering partnerships with academic institutions, and organizing workshops that delve into the intricacies of various folk art disciplines.

A key area of focus was the FAPTA's commitment to promoting intercultural exchange. The general assembly meeting envisioned a future where traditional performance groups from member states could engage in collaborative projects, showcasing the artistic diversity of the Arab world to a global audience.

The أجمان (Ajman) Department of Tourism and Culture, in its role as host, emphasized its unwavering support for FAPTA's endeavors. The department recognizes the significance of folk arts and popular theater in preserving the UAE's cultural heritage and identity. The Ajman officials pledged to collaborate with FAPTA in organizing future events and initiatives that celebrate the region's vibrant artistic traditions.

The FAPTA general assembly meeting in Ajman culminated with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to collective action. Member states emerged from the discussions with a clear roadmap for propelling folk arts and popular theater into the future, ensuring their continued relevance and fostering a deeper appreciation for the region's cultural heritage.

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