Love and Challenge Fuel Artistic Growth, Says Animator Hayama

At the Sharjah Animation Conference (SAC), veteran Japanese animator Junichi Hayama delivered a message that resonated deeply with aspiring manga and anime artists:hone your craft with love and embrace challenges. Hayama, renowned for his work on iconic projects like "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Phantom Blood" and "Sakigake!!Otokojuku, " emphasized the importance of a strong foundation in traditional hand-drawn techniques before diving into the digital realm.

"Digital tools offer a lot of assistance, " Hayama explained during his "Drawing Masterpieces" workshop. "They allow for editing and manipulation, which can be tempting. But to truly develop your artistic senses, particularly for things like proper proportions, there's no substitute for putting pen to paper. "

Hayama's philosophy extends beyond technical skills. He encourages artists to infuse their work with passion. "Draw with love, " he exhorted the young audience. "Whether it's the character's anatomy, the action sequences, or even their facial expressions, start by drawing what excites you. Then, push yourself to tackle the things you find difficult. " Hayama chuckled as he shared a personal anecdote – the initial struggles he faced while drawing the characteristically large eyes of the character Yugi.

Hayama's illustrious career includes contributions to projects by prestigious studios like Toei Animation and APPP. He credits Masami Suda, another animation legend, as a major source of inspiration. Hayama highlighted Suda's meticulous attention to detail and dedication to storytelling as qualities he strives to emulate in his own work.

The "Drawing Masterpieces" workshop proved to be a valuable learning experience for aspiring animators attending the SAC. Hayama's emphasis on the importance of traditional techniques resonated with many, offering a counterpoint to the growing reliance on digital tools in the animation industry. His heartfelt advice to embrace challenges and draw with passion served as a powerful reminder of the artistic spirit that lies at the core of successful animation.

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