Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi Takes Over Waste Management Licensing

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has assumed responsibility for all waste management licensing services previously handled by Tadweer Group, the Emirate’s waste management company. This transfer, announced by the EAD, streamlines the regulatory landscape for waste management activities in Abu Dhabi.

The transition encompasses a wide range of services, including the issuance and management of licenses and permits, tracking and monitoring of registered waste collection vehicles, the waste sector’s tariff system, and oversight as the Sector Regulatory Authority (SRA). Additionally, the EAD will be responsible for inspection and compliance activities on entities involved in waste collection, transportation, and trading.

This shift aligns with Tadweer Group’s recent change in mandate. While Tadweer will continue to play a crucial role in waste management through service provision and infrastructure development, the EAD’s expanded role strengthens environmental oversight and ensures adherence to best practices across the waste sector.

The transfer process has been designed to minimize disruption for businesses and residents in Abu Dhabi. Customers and environmental service providers will continue to access waste management services through existing government digital platforms, such as TAMM and Meps. The EAD has emphasized a smooth transition with no impact on ongoing operations.

This development signifies a growing focus on robust environmental regulations in Abu Dhabi. By centralizing waste management licensing under the EAD, the Emirate aims to achieve a more comprehensive and integrated approach to waste management. This will likely involve stricter enforcement of environmental standards and a push for innovative and sustainable waste management practices.

The EAD’s role as the Sector Regulatory Authority for the waste sector carries significant weight. The agency will be responsible for ensuring compliance with occupational safety and health management systems across the industry. This focus on worker safety complements the broader environmental objectives and reflects a commitment to responsible waste management practices.

The transfer of waste management licensing to the EAD is a positive step for Abu Dhabi’s environmental sustainability efforts. The consolidated regulatory framework will allow for more effective monitoring, enforcement, and ultimately, a cleaner and more sustainable waste management system in the Emirate.

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