Dubai's Office Market Soars on Sustainability with Completion of LEED-Certified 6 Falak

Dubai's office market is experiencing a boom, fueled by a surge in demand for sustainable workspaces. This trend is exemplified by the successful completion of 6 Falak, a new Grade-A commercial development by Sweid & Sweid, a prominent Dubai-based real estate developer.

The project, located within Dubai Internet City, boasts an impressive pre-leasing rate exceeding 90%, with multinational corporations like Roland Berger, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), and IFS securing office space before construction even finished. This high tenant interest is attributed to 6 Falak's commitment to sustainability. The building is designed and constructed to achieve LEED Gold certification, the globally recognized gold standard for green buildings established by the U. S. Green Building Council.

"We've witnessed a growing trend of eco-conscious demands in Dubai's office space market, " said Maher Sweid, Managing Partner at Sweid & Sweid. "Tenants are increasingly prioritizing sustainable developments, making it a crucial factor in their decision-making process. Buildings that meet these standards are not only leased faster but also command higher rental rates. "

Uniquely, 6 Falak represents a sustainable development feat in itself. The project involved repurposing an abandoned, partially built structure. This approach significantly reduces the project's carbon footprint compared to constructing an entirely new building from scratch. This practice is relatively new within Dubai's thriving real estate sector and presents a potential model for future sustainable development projects.

The original structure consisted of three basements and a partially built first floor, essentially a skeletal frame with inefficiencies like irregular floor plates. Sweid & Sweid's team demonstrated ingenuity by transforming this framework into a modern workspace meeting all the requirements of a multinational clientele.

The completed 6 Falak offers a total area of 102, 000 square feet and boasts a range of amenities catering to tenant needs. These include a tranquil private garden and event space for exclusive tenant use, along with outdoor terraces on every floor. The building also features a vibrant lobby with Boon Coffee, a popular organic specialty coffee roaster.

With the successful completion of 6 Falak, Sweid & Sweid has established a benchmark for sustainable development within Dubai's booming office market. This project not only caters to the growing demand for eco-friendly workspaces but also showcases the potential of repurposing existing structures to reduce environmental impact.

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