Dubai Internet City Poised to Dazzle at GITEX Africa 2024

Dubai Internet City (DIC), a regional hub for digital transformation, is gearing up to impress at GITEX Africa 2024, the continent's leading tech and startup exhibition. Held from May 29th to 31st in Marrakech, Morocco, the event will serve as a platform for DIC to showcase the brightest minds and advancements from its thriving tech community.

As a founding member of Dubai's booming digital sector, DIC has played a pivotal role in fostering economic diversification and a knowledge-based economy within the region for the past 25 years. By attracting leading industry investors and innovators, DIC has fueled localized advancements. This commitment to progress extends to Africa, where DIC aims to illuminate GITEX Africa with a glimpse into the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI), smart cities, mobility solutions, and blockchain technology are slated to be among the most prominent themes explored at the event. DIC will be at the forefront, presenting the latest breakthroughs and talented individuals cultivated within its ecosystem. This includes collaborations with international tech giants like Google, Microsoft, VISA, and Mastercard.

The showcase will extend beyond individual advancements, with DIC highlighting its contributions to broader strategic visions. This includes the Dubai Economic Agenda D33, a comprehensive economic roadmap designed to propel Dubai's future. Additionally, DIC will shed light on the recently launched Dubai Universal Blueprint for AI (DUB. AI), an ambitious initiative outlining Dubai's ambitions as a global AI leader.

Through its participation at GITEX Africa, DIC seeks to bridge the gap between Dubai's thriving tech scene and the burgeoning African market. The event presents a unique opportunity to foster dialogue, explore potential collaborations, and contribute to Africa's ongoing digital transformation journey. By showcasing its expertise and fostering connections, DIC hopes to play a key role in shaping a future powered by innovation for both Dubai and Africa.

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