Abu Dhabi Airport and Etihad Airport Services Take Off Together for Enhanced Ground Operations

Abu Dhabi Airports and Etihad Airport Services, a subsidiary of ADQ, Abu Dhabi's investment and holding company, have announced the renewal of their long-standing partnership to deliver seamless ground services for passengers traveling through Zayed International Airport. This agreement comes amid a significant surge in passenger traffic, with Abu Dhabi Airports reporting a 35. 6% increase, highlighting the robust demand for air travel.

The renewed partnership emphasizes a commitment to providing a world-class experience for travelers. Abu Dhabi Airports and Etihad Airport Services will collaborate on various initiatives to improve operational efficiency, safety, and the overall quality of ground handling services. This encompasses a wide range of services, including baggage handling, cargo services, and aircraft servicing, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of operations on the ground.

Elena Sorlini, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Abu Dhabi Airports, expressed her confidence in Etihad Airport Services as the ideal partner to manage ground handling operations. She emphasized the importance of the partnership, particularly as Abu Dhabi Airports continues to expand its reach with more airlines and destinations.

Jubran Albreiki, the General Manager at Etihad Airport Services, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the renewed partnership as a significant milestone. He stressed Etihad Airport Services' dedication to providing world-class ground handling services and expertise to complement the state-of-the-art infrastructure at Zayed International Airport. This collaboration will ensure a seamless travel journey for all passengers.

The renewed partnership between Abu Dhabi Airports and Etihad Airport Services signifies a strategic move to solidify Abu Dhabi's position as a global hub for air travel and tourism. By working together, both entities aim to deliver an exceptional experience for travelers, making Zayed International Airport a premier gateway to the world. This renewed agreement reinforces the commitment of Abu Dhabi to enhance its aviation sector and establish itself as a leader in the global air travel industry.

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