Saudi Hospitality Industry Gears Up for Safe Ramadan and Hajj Season

The Saudi Ministry of Tourism has issued a directive to hotels and other hospitality establishments in Makkah and Madinah, emphasizing strict adherence to safety regulations. This move comes in anticipation of the upcoming holy month of Ramadan and the 1445 AH Hajj pilgrimage season.

The Ministry's circular highlights the importance of following guidelines set forth by the General Directorate of Civil Defense. These guidelines are designed to ensure the safety of visitors, Umrah performers, and pilgrims throughout their stay in the holy cities. Ramadan, expected to begin in late April this year, sees a significant rise in Umrah pilgrimages, while the Hajj pilgrimage typically takes place in July or August.

The Ministry's directive stresses the need for hospitality facilities to maintain their approved evacuation plans and conduct regular drills in collaboration with Civil Defense authorities. These drills will help staff effectively manage emergency situations and ensure the swift and safe evacuation of guests.

This initiative by the Ministry of Tourism underscores its commitment to providing exceptional services to visitors to the kingdom. It aims to guarantee that all tourist accommodation adheres to the necessary regulations concerning safety and security. By prioritizing the well-being of pilgrims and tourists, the Ministry seeks to enhance the overall experience for those visiting Makkah and Madinah for religious purposes.

The directive comes amidst ongoing efforts by Saudi Arabia to strengthen its tourism sector. The kingdom has implemented various initiatives in recent years to attract more visitors, including simplifying visa procedures and developing new tourism destinations.

The focus on safety regulations aligns with these broader goals. A strong safety record in the hospitality sector will not only ensure the well-being of visitors but also project a positive image of Saudi Arabia as a welcoming and secure tourist destination.

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