PureHealth Cultivates Future Emirati Healthcare Leaders

PureHealth, the leading healthcare platform in the Middle East, has unveiled a new initiative designed to empower the next generation of Emirati healthcare professionals. The Emirati Development Center, established in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030's Emiratisation goals, offers student and graduate trainee programs.

These programs cater to Emirati undergraduates and graduates pursuing degrees in clinical fields, pharmaceuticals, nursing, and healthcare management. By providing a platform for students and graduates to gain practical experience alongside seasoned professionals, the Emirati Development Center fosters a robust and sustainable Emirati workforce within the UAE's healthcare sector.

The initiative recognizes the diverse needs of aspiring healthcare professionals. The Graduate Trainee Programme, designed for a twelve-month duration, offers comprehensive learning experiences. Meanwhile, the Student Trainee Programme caters to those with flexible academic schedules and career aspirations, providing shorter-term, adaptable training opportunities.

Both programs prioritize the professional and personal development of young Emirati talent. Through a blend of on-the-job training and experiential learning, participants gain valuable skills and knowledge to launch and accelerate their careers in healthcare.

Rashed Al Qubaisi, Chief Corporate Officer at PureHealth, emphasized the organization's unwavering commitment to nurturing future healthcare leaders. "Our core mission at PureHealth is to cultivate the next generation of healthcare leaders," Al Qubaisi stated. "These trainee programs offer a unique platform for Emirati youth to gain invaluable knowledge and practical experience, ultimately empowering them to make a significant contribution to the UAE's thriving healthcare sector."

The launch of the Emirati Development Center signifies PureHealth's dedication to supporting the UAE's economic vision and Emiratisation targets within the healthcare industry. By cultivating a highly skilled and qualified Emirati workforce, the initiative paves the way for a more robust and sustainable healthcare system in the years to come.

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