Abu Dhabi Authority Recognizes Champions of Community Service

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) recently celebrated the contributions of individuals and organizations who significantly bolstered its community engagement efforts throughout 2023. The recognition ceremony, held in conjunction with Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, honored these entities and individuals as "Pioneers of Goodness."

Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, observed annually on the 19th of Ramadan, commemorates the legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the United Arab Emirates, who instilled a culture of generosity and social responsibility within the nation. ADAFSA chose this occasion to acknowledge the valuable support it received in delivering its "Auwn" Community Engagement Programme, a key initiative that embodies the spirit of solidarity and unity within the Abu Dhabi community.

The "Pioneers of Goodness" encompass a diverse range of entities, including government agencies, healthcare providers, environmental organizations, and charitable societies. The Department of Culture and Tourism, ADNEC Group, Al Dhafra Hospitals, and the Community Contributions Authority (Ma'an) were among the government agencies recognized for their participation in charitable and volunteer activities. Additionally, social welfare organizations like Al Ihsan Charity Society and the Emirates Blood Donation Society received recognition for their contributions.

ADAFSA's dedication to environmental stewardship was reflected in the inclusion of the Emirates Environmental Working Group and the Friends of the Environment Society among the awardees. Notably, both Ain Al Khaleej Hospital and Burjeel Hospital were commended for their commitment to community health initiatives.

Beyond these prominent organizations, the ceremony also celebrated the efforts of over 500 volunteers – a blend of ADAFSA staff and community members. These volunteers collectively dedicated a remarkable 2,228 hours to various environmental, humanitarian, and community events held throughout 2023. Their tireless spirit and willingness to give back were instrumental in the success of ADAFSA's community engagement endeavors.

By recognizing the "Pioneers of Goodness," ADAFSA underscores the importance of collaborative action in fostering a more vibrant and supportive community in Abu Dhabi. The collective efforts of these entities and individuals not only strengthen the social safety net but also cultivate a spirit of empathy and social responsibility that aligns with the core values of the UAE.

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