UAE Motorists Advised Against Leaving Cars Running Unattended

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have issued a fresh reminder to motorists about the dangers of leaving their vehicles unattended with the engines running. The warning comes amid concerns over car thefts and potential harm to children left inside locked cars during the scorching summer months.

The Directorate of Traffic and Patrols in Abu Dhabi specifically highlighted the risk involved when drivers leave their vehicles unlocked and idling, even for what they perceive as short periods. Common scenarios include running quick errands like grabbing groceries, using ATMs, or performing prayers.

However, these seemingly brief moments can create an opportunity for opportunistic thieves. Officials emphasized that a running car with the key readily accessible is an open invitation for crime.

The dangers extend beyond theft. The UAE grapples with extreme heat, especially during the summer. Leaving a child unattended inside a locked car, even with the engine running, can be life-threatening. Car interiors can rapidly heat up to unbearable temperatures, posing a significant risk of suffocation or heatstroke, particularly for vulnerable young passengers.

The renewed warnings come amidst ongoing efforts by UAE authorities to promote safety awareness on the roads. The authorities stressed the importance of motorists exercising caution and vigilance with their vehicles.

The call to action is clear:drivers are urged to take all valuables with them when leaving their cars and ensure they are properly locked and secured, even for a quick stop. For situations where children must be left in the car, it's crucial to never leave them unattended, regardless of the perceived duration.

The UAE has implemented a legal framework to address such negligence. Article 4, Section 5 of the Traffic Rules prohibits drivers from leaving their vehicles unattended in operational mode. Fines and penalties can be imposed on those who violate these regulations.

Law enforcement across the UAE is committed to ensuring the safety of motorists and passengers. By following these simple yet crucial safety precautions, drivers can significantly reduce the risk of theft, accidents, and potential harm to themselves and their loved ones.

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