UAE Businesses Set for Generative AI Boost with Presight-Wand AI Partnership

Abu Dhabi-based Presight, a leader in big data analytics powered by generative AI, has joined forces with Wand AI, a US-based company specializing in intelligent human-AI collaboration. This strategic partnership aims to propel the large-scale adoption of generative AI technology across businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies. Presight brings its established presence within the UAE's business landscape, while Wand AI contributes its expertise and reputation in developing enterprise-grade AI assistants. Together, they aim to empower businesses in various sectors, including finance, retail, real estate, construction, and legal, with innovative AI solutions.

A key outcome of this partnership is the development of a cutting-edge AI platform. This platform offers a generative AI solution that seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and information resources within businesses. This allows for the creation of valuable AI assistants tailored to specific functions and industry needs.

"This partnership signifies a significant step forward in solidifying the UAE's position at the forefront of AI advancement, " said a spokesperson for Presight. "By bringing together Presight's regional expertise and Wand AI's industry-leading AI solutions, we can empower businesses across the UAE to unlock the immense potential of generative AI technology. "

The rapid integration capabilities of the platform are expected to be a major advantage. Businesses can swiftly implement AI assistants without the need for extensive modifications to existing systems. This allows for a faster return on investment and a smoother transition towards AI-powered operations.

The partnership also emphasizes the importance of human-AI collaboration. Wand AI's approach focuses on creating intelligent AI assistants that augment human capabilities rather than replace them. This ensures that businesses can leverage the power of AI while still retaining the expertise and decision-making abilities of their workforce.

The UAE has been actively pursuing a vision of becoming a global leader in AI innovation. This partnership between Presight and Wand AI aligns perfectly with that vision. By providing businesses with accessible and effective generative AI solutions, the collaboration is poised to fuel significant advancements in the UAE's business landscape.

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