Saudi Arabia Backs New Business Ties

Saudi Arabia has given the green light to the establishment of multiple joint business councils with foreign nations. The General Authority for Foreign Trade has approved the formation of these councils, aiming to bolster trade and investment relations between the Kingdom and its global partners.

Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Duleim has been appointed as the chairman of the Saudi-Canadian Business Council, with Abdullah bin Salem Al-Mukhles and Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Ahmad serving as vice-presidents. Additionally, Sultan bin Mahdi Al-Qahtani will lead the Saudi-Nigerian Business Council, supported by Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais and Sultan bin Khalid Al-Turki as vice-chairmen. Ayman Sajini has been named chairman of the Saudi-Indonesian Business Council, with Osama Qoqandi and Saleh Al-Qabaa taking on vice-chairman roles.

These newly formed councils will bring together representatives from both the Saudi and foreign business sectors, facilitating collaboration and promoting economic growth. The initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader strategy to diversify its economy and strengthen its position as a global business hub.

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