Lilium Secures Major Saudi Deal

German electric air taxi developer Lilium has reportedly clinched a substantial order from Saudi Arabian flag carrier Saudia. While specific details of the deal remain undisclosed, sources familiar with the matter indicate that it involves the purchase of a significant number of Lilium's electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

The agreement marks a major milestone for Lilium, which has been at the forefront of developing air taxi technology. The company has been working towards commercializing its eVTOL aircraft, promising to revolutionize urban transportation by providing rapid and emission-free travel options.

Saudia's investment in Lilium aligns with its broader strategy to embrace innovative technologies and enhance its transportation offerings. The airline has been actively exploring opportunities in the emerging aviation sector and views air taxis as a potential game-changer for short-haul travel.

Both Lilium and Saudia have scheduled a joint event in Munich on July 18, where they are expected to provide further details about the partnership and the order. The aviation industry is closely watching this development, as it could potentially accelerate the adoption of electric air taxis on a global scale.

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