Gulf Students to Gain Access to Renowned British Education Through Taaleem-Harrow Partnership

Taaleem Holdings PJSC, a leading education provider in the United Arab Emirates, and Harrow International Schools Limited (HISL), the global arm of Harrow School, have joined forces to bring the prestigious British educational experience to students across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This strategic partnership signifies a significant step for both entities, with Taaleem expanding its offerings into the super-premium segment and HISL establishing a foothold in the burgeoning GCC education market.

The agreement entails establishing Harrow-branded schools under Taaleem's purview. HISL will ensure these institutions uphold the exceptional standards and educational philosophy of Harrow School, while Taaleem will incorporate these principles into a curriculum that acknowledges and celebrates the cultural context of the GCC. This collaboration aims to provide students with a holistic learning experience that cultivates academic excellence while fostering a deep appreciation for their heritage.

"We are incredibly proud to partner with Harrow International Schools Limited, " expressed Khalid Al Tayer, Chairman of Taaleem. "This agreement marks a momentous occasion for Taaleem, as we weave together Harrow's distinguished legacy of educational excellence with Taaleem's regional expertise and commitment to local cultures and values. " This partnership aligns perfectly with Taaleem's strategic vision to solidify its position as a premier educational provider in the GCC and offer students a diverse range of educational pathways.

The prestigious Harrow School, founded in 1572, is recognized internationally for its rigorous academic programs and its distinguished alumni network. HISL, established in 1998, has played a pivotal role in extending Harrow's world-class education to international students by overseeing Harrow-branded schools across the globe. By partnering with Taaleem, HISL gains a strong regional partner with a proven track record in the GCC's education sector.

"This collaboration with Taaleem represents a significant milestone for Harrow International Schools, " remarked Adrian Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of HISL. "We are confident that Taaleem's deep understanding of the GCC's educational landscape, coupled with Harrow's established reputation for academic excellence, will create an exceptional learning environment that empowers students to thrive. "

This agreement is expected to have a significant impact on the educational landscape within the GCC. By bringing together the strengths of both organizations, Taaleem and Harrow aim to provide students with an unparalleled educational experience that prepares them for success in a globalized world.

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