Former Grammar School of UK Labour Leader to Establish Branch in Sharjah

Sir Keir Starmer's alma mater, the selective grammar school benefitted from during his formative years, is set to extend its prestigious brand of education to the United Arab Emirates. Talks have concluded between the governors of Southend High School for Boys in Essex and Sharjah Education Authority, paving the way for a brand new campus in the Emirate.

The Sharjah branch of Southend High School for Boys will be the first international expansion for the institution, which has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence in the UK. Sharing the same ethos and curriculum as its British counterpart, the new school aims to provide a world-class education to students in the UAE, combining the best of British educational practices with local cultural contexts.

This expansion into the UAE represents a significant development for Southend High School for Boys. The school, founded in 1903, has a rich history of academic achievement. Consistently ranked among the top-performing schools in the UK, Southend High boasts a long list of distinguished alumni, including Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the UK's Labour Party.

The decision to open a branch in Sharjah reflects the growing demand for British-style education in the UAE. Sharjah, the third-largest emirate in the UAE, has witnessed a surge in its expatriate population in recent years, with many families seeking high-quality educational options for their children. The new Southend High School campus is expected to cater to this demand, providing a rigorous academic program taught by qualified British teachers.

The specifics of the curriculum and enrollment process for the Sharjah campus are still being finalized. However, officials from Southend High School have indicated that the new school will mirror the academic program offered in the UK, with a focus on core subjects like English, mathematics, science, and history. Arabic language and Islamic studies will likely be incorporated into the curriculum to ensure students are grounded in the local culture.

The establishment of a Southend High School campus in Sharjah is a significant development for both the school and the Emirate. It provides an opportunity for Southend High to expand its reach and share its educational expertise with a new generation of students. For Sharjah, the new school represents a further step towards establishing itself as a hub for quality education in the region.

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