Emirates Group Appoints New Leaders, Elevates Emirati Talent

The Emirates Group, a Dubai-based aviation conglomerate, announced a series of senior leadership appointments on July 5, 2024. This move aims to bolster the organization's growth trajectory and cultivate a robust leadership team. Notably, seven of the appointed individuals are UAE nationals, reflecting the Group's commitment to fostering Emirati talent within its ranks.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Emirates Group, emphasized the significance of these appointments. He stated, "These promotions and senior positions showcase the expanding scope and ambition of our business. We are delighted to have filled these roles with such exceptional internal talent, particularly including a significant number of UAE nationals. "

The appointments encompass a diverse range of crucial functions within the Emirates Group. Ali Mubarak Al Soori takes the helm as Chief Procurement and Facilities Officer, while Ahmed Safa assumes the leadership role as Head of Engineering and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul). Badr Abbas steps up to become the Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirates SkyCargo, the Group's air freight division.

Ensuring safety and smooth network operations remains paramount. Captain Mark Burtonwood takes on the responsibility of Divisional Senior Vice President for Group Security and Network Operations. Customer service excellence is further bolstered with the appointment of Mostafa Karam as Divisional Senior Vice President of Customer Affairs and Service Audit.

Leading the Group Procurement and Logistics division is Yousuf Mohammad Ali, who assumes the role of Divisional Senior Vice President. The realm of aviation policy and industry affairs is entrusted to David Broz, who takes the position of Senior Vice President. Devarajan Srinivasan steps forward as Senior Vice President of Facilities and Asset Management, overseeing the Group's infrastructure and resources.

The focus on Emirati talent extends to Mahmood Al Khaja, who takes on the role of Senior Vice President of Material Management and Repairs. International and government affairs are entrusted to Will Lofberg, who assumes the position of Senior Vice President.

The appointments also include leadership changes taking effect on September 1, 2024. Shahreyar Nawabi will be appointed as the new General Manager of Emirates Flight Catering, a subsidiary responsible for inflight meals. Additionally, Mahmood Ameen will take on the role of Divisional Senior Vice President of Engineering Projects and Aircraft Procurement.

By promoting experienced internal talent, including a substantial number of Emirati leaders, the Emirates Group positions itself for continued success in the global aviation industry. This strategic move strengthens the organization's leadership and reflects its commitment to fostering a diverse and capable workforce.

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