Dubai Strengthens Public Transport Network with New Bus Routes

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has bolstered its public bus network with the launch of two new circular routes. These routes, designed to improve internal connectivity and provide better access to the metro system, cater to residents in Dubai Hills and DAMAC Hills.

The first route, designated DH1, operates between Dubai Hills and Equiti Metro Station. Running at one-hour intervals, the DH1 route offers residents of Dubai Hills a convenient and affordable (priced at a fixed AED5 per trip) option for connecting to the broader metro network. Weekday service begins at 7:09 am with the last departure at 10:09 pm. To cater to weekend demand, the RTA has extended weekend service hours, with the final DH1 bus departing Dubai Hills at 12:09 am.

The second route, DA2, services the DAMAC Hills community and Dubai Studio City. Unlike the DH1 route, DA2 operates with a two-hour frequency. The first bus departs DAMAC Hills at 5:47 am, with the final trip concluding its journey by 9:32 pm each day. This route is expected to be particularly beneficial for the estimated 30, 000 residents of DAMAC Hills, an area spanning over 55 million square feet in Dubai's south. Previously, residents in this area who lacked personal vehicles relied on a community shuttle bus service that often reached capacity during peak hours, forcing them to resort to expensive taxis.

These new routes align with the RTA's ongoing commitment to expand Dubai's public bus network and enhance its integration with other forms of mass transit, including the metro, tram, and water transportation. By improving connectivity between these various modes of transportation, the RTA aims to make public transportation the preferred choice for residents and visitors navigating Dubai.

Adel Mohammed Shakeri, Director of Planning and Business Development at the RTA's Public Transport Agency, emphasized the significance of offering a robust public transportation system. "We are committed to providing efficient and accessible public transport services that facilitate movement throughout Dubai, " said Shakeri. "The launch of these new bus routes reflects our dedication to improving connectivity within the city and enhancing the overall public transport experience. "

The addition of these routes is expected to provide mieszkańcom (Polish for residents) in Dubai Hills and DAMAC Hills with a more convenient and economical option for their daily commutes. It also represents a significant step forward in the RTA's efforts to create a seamless and integrated public transportation network across Dubai.

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