Al-Futtaim Education Foundation Soars in Dubai's Rigorous School Assessments

The Al-Futtaim Education Foundation (AFEF) is celebrating after its schools secured impressive results in the Knowledge and Human Development Authority's (KHDA) 2023-2024 school evaluations. This achievement underscores AFEF's dedication to providing exceptional academic experiences for its students.

The standout performer was Deira International School (DIS), which maintained its prestigious "Outstanding" rating for the second consecutive year. This distinction places DIS among an elite group of just eight Dubai schools to achieve top marks across all three KHDA Key Focus Areas:Wellbeing, Inclusive Education, and the National Agenda. DIS's consistent excellence reflects the school's commitment to fostering a nurturing environment that supports student growth across academic, social, and emotional domains.

Universal American School (UAS) also displayed commendable results in the KHDA assessments. While specific details of UAS's performance were not disclosed in the press release, the overall sentiment suggests that the school upholds AFEF's high standards for academic achievement.

The KHDA evaluation system plays a vital role in Dubai's educational landscape. These rigorous assessments hold schools accountable for delivering quality education and fostering well-rounded students. By achieving exceptional results, AFEF schools have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to educational excellence and their position at the forefront of Dubai's vibrant educational sector.

The news of AFEF's success has garnered positive attention within the education community. Parents seeking high-quality educational options for their children are likely to view these results favorably. AFEF's commitment to excellence positions its schools as attractive choices for families seeking a well-rounded and enriching educational experience for their children.

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