Zand Bank and Mantra Forge Partnership to Expedite Real-World Asset Tokenization

In a move that promises to accelerate the digitalization of traditional assets, Zand Bank, a UAE-based digital bank, and Mantra, a blockchain platform specializing in real-world assets (RWA), have joined forces to streamline the process of tokenization. This collaboration aims to simplify the identification, listing, and distribution of tokenized RWAs, paving the way for broader adoption of this financial innovation.

The partnership between Zand Bank and Mantra signifies a significant development in the UAE's digital asset ecosystem. By leveraging Mantra's RWA-focused blockchain technology, Zand Bank aspires to integrate blockchain into its existing financial offerings. This integration holds the potential to transform how ownership and transactions are managed, enhancing transparency and security for investors.

One of the partnership's key objectives is to establish a framework for RWA tokenization that adheres to the regulations set forth by the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA). This framework will ensure that the tokenization process complies with relevant regulatory standards, fostering investor protection and market stability.

"The agreement between Zand and MANTRA is a testament to both companies' position at the vanguard of digital finance in the Middle East, " said John Patrick Mullin, CEO of Mantra. "The vision behind the collaboration aims to catapult both the custody and exchange of real-world assets as a permanent fixture in the suite of retail banking services in the region, as well as establish industry standards for tokenization. "

Michael Chan, CEO of Zand, echoed Mullin's enthusiasm, highlighting the potential benefits for Zand's clients. "This partnership allows us to integrate blockchain technology with our existing financial offerings, " he explained. "We believe this will give our clients more control over their investments, improve security, and provide greater clarity throughout the transaction lifecycle. "

The collaboration between Zand Bank and Mantra is expected to have a ripple effect beyond the UAE. As a frontrunner in the adoption of blockchain technology for financial services, the UAE is poised to become a hub for RWA tokenization. This paves the way for increased liquidity and fractional ownership of real-world assets, potentially democratizing access to investment opportunities previously reserved for institutional investors.

By streamlining the tokenization process and establishing robust regulatory frameworks, the Zand Bank-Mantra partnership presents a compelling case for the future of RWAs. This collaboration has the potential to unlock new avenues for investment, enhance transparency in financial markets, and usher in a new era for asset ownership.

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