Yahsat Secures Two New Satellites in Billion-Dollar Airbus Deal

Emirati satellite operator Yahsat has signed a significant agreement with Airbus to construct two new telecommunications satellites. The contract, valued at over $1 billion (AED 3. 9 billion), aims to bolster Yahsat's existing fleet by replacing older versions with advanced technology.

The two satellites, designated as AY4 and AY5, will be built on Airbus's Eurostar Neo platform, known for its efficiency and reliability. Airbus Defence and Space SAS will be responsible for the design, manufacturing, and ground control segment components for both spacecraft. With a designed lifespan of 15 years, the AY4 and AY5 are scheduled for launch in 2027 and 2028, respectively.

This investment underscores Yahsat's commitment to maintaining its position at the forefront of the UAE's burgeoning space industry. The new satellites are anticipated to enhance Yahsat's ability to deliver high-quality communication services across the Middle East, Africa, and West Asia. The advanced capabilities of the Eurostar Neo platform are expected to provide improved coverage, flexibility, and capacity for Yahsat's clients.

The initial funding for the project will come from Yahsat's internal resources. However, the company is expected to receive an AED 3. 7 billion advance payment from the UAE government to support the program. This collaboration between Yahsat and Airbus reflects the growing importance of satellite technology in the region. The UAE has identified the space sector as a strategic priority, and investments like this one are crucial for its continued development.

The deployment of the AY4 and AY5 satellites will significantly expand Yahsat's satellite fleet, enabling the company to cater to the rising demand for satellite-based communication solutions. These advanced satellites are projected to play a vital role in supporting critical applications such as broadcasting, internet access, and mobile telephony across the region.

Furthermore, the project is anticipated to generate significant economic benefits for the UAE. The collaboration with Airbus is likely to create new job opportunities and foster technological innovation within the country's space sector. By investing in advanced satellite technology, Yahsat is positioning itself to be a key player in the evolving global satellite communications market.

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