Umm Al Quwain Marks Gulf Youth Day With Forum

Umm Al Quwain commemorated Gulf Youth Day with a collaborative effort between the Umm Al Quwain Creative Hub, Falaj Al Mualla, and Umm Al Quwain University. Themed "Active and Responsible Gulf Youth, " the forum brought together government officials, university faculty and students, and young professionals for a day of discussions and exhibitions.

The event commenced with a visual presentation highlighting the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE's founding father, regarding youth empowerment. This emphasis on leadership and legacy set the tone for the forum's central message:Gulf youth as the driving force for the region's future.

A panel discussion moderated by Mohammed Al Kashf, Head of Umm Al Quwain University's Alumni Association, delved deeper into this concept. Panelists, including Maryam Al Ghafli, Director of Falaj Al Mualla, and Aref Al Khadr, Director of the UAQ Red Crescent Center, underscored the UAE's unwavering commitment to nurturing its young people. They acknowledged the significant support provided by the nation's leadership in empowering youth across all sectors.

Discussions also highlighted the crucial role universities play in this endeavor. Panelists representing academia emphasized the importance of motivating students, providing them with robust academic and scientific support, and fostering a platform to hone their talents and showcase their innovations.

The forum wasn't solely focused on discourse. Umm Al Quwain Youth Council played a pivotal role by organizing an art exhibition showcasing the works of young creatives. This exhibition provided a platform for these aspiring artists to gain exposure and network with established figures within the art community.

The day wasn't just about established names and lofty ideals. Young people from the university and government sectors also took center stage, sharing their personal experiences, challenges encountered, and significant achievements, both as students and as young professionals. These firsthand accounts provided invaluable insights into the aspirations and realities of the region's youth.

The "Our Gulf, Our Youth" forum served as a microcosm of the vibrant energy and potential that Gulf youth possess. The collaborative effort between Falaj Al Mualla, Umm Al Quwain University, and the Umm Al Quwain Youth Council successfully fostered a platform for dialogue, inspiration, and the celebration of the vital role young people play in shaping the future of the Gulf region.

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