UAE Seeks Legal Cooperation with BRICS Nations

Chancellor Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, the United Arab Emirates Attorney-General, recently participated in the BRICS Summit 2024 held in St. Petersburg, Russia. While there, Dr. Al Shamsi took the opportunity to engage in a series of bilateral meetings with his counterparts from BRICS member states and other invited nations. These discussions focused on establishing avenues for enhanced cooperation in the realm of public prosecution.

The BRICS group, an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is a growing economic and political alliance. The UAE, while not a member of the formal BRICS group, has been actively forging closer ties with these countries in recent years. The meetings between Dr. Al Shamsi and his counterparts reflect this growing relationship and the UAE's desire to strengthen legal cooperation on issues of mutual concern.

Among those Dr. Al Shamsi met with were Igor Krasnov, Prosecutor-General of Russia; Ying Yong, China's Chief Grand Prosecutor and Prosecutor-General; and K. M. Nataraj, India's Additional Solicitor-General. Discussions also included representatives from Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and South Africa. The focus of these meetings was on identifying shared challenges and exploring collaborative efforts to address them.

One key area of discussion was cybercrime. The rise of cybercrime has become a global concern, and the UAE, along with many BRICS nations, has seen a significant increase in these types of offenses. The Attorney-General and his counterparts acknowledged the need for improved international cooperation in investigating and prosecuting cybercriminals. They explored possibilities for sharing information and best practices, as well as for developing joint training programs for prosecutors and law enforcement officials.

Another topic of conversation was financial crime. Money laundering and other forms of financial crime pose a serious threat to global security and economic stability. The UAE and BRICS countries have all taken steps to combat financial crime, but Dr. Al Shamsi and his counterparts recognized the value of enhanced collaboration. They discussed the possibility of establishing mechanisms for closer coordination on investigations and asset recovery.

The fight against terrorism was also a prominent topic during the meetings. The UAE has long been a vocal opponent of terrorism and has played a key role in international counterterrorism efforts. BRICS nations have also been targeted by terrorist attacks in recent years. Dr. Al Shamsi and his counterparts discussed ways to improve information sharing and coordination between their respective countries' law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The UAE's participation in the BRICS Summit and its Attorney-General's meetings with counterparts from member states represent a significant step forward in strengthening legal cooperation between the UAE and these important emerging economies. By working together, the UAE and BRICS countries can address transnational crimes more effectively and ensure a safer and more just world.

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