UAE Extends Support to Ukraine's Reconstruction at Berlin Conference

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) solidified its commitment to Ukraine's future at the two-day Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) held in Berlin, Germany, from June 11th to 12th. The UAE delegation, led by Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, actively participated in discussions and outlined plans for continued support in the war-torn nation's reconstruction efforts.

Al Hashimy emphasized the UAE's unwavering belief in diplomacy and dialogue as the path to a peaceful resolution. She highlighted the country's successful facilitation of captive exchanges on four separate occasions this year, demonstrating its strong ties with both sides of the conflict. The UAE's dedication to maintaining open communication channels with all parties involved was a central theme throughout the conference.

Beyond diplomatic efforts, the UAE delegation showcased its significant financial contributions to Ukraine's humanitarian needs. Since the war's outset, the UAE has allocated $105 million towards vital supplies, including food, medical equipment, ambulances, and generators. Educational resources were not forgotten, with laptops and learning materials included in the aid packages to support displaced Ukrainian children.

Looking towards the future, the UAE outlined its plans for additional support focused on bolstering Ukraine's healthcare and educational systems. Recognizing the long-term social and psychological impact of the war, the UAE pledged to prioritize initiatives that address women's health and mental health services.

The UAE's participation in the URC signifies its strong stance on supporting Ukraine's recovery. The multifaceted approach, encompassing both humanitarian aid and long-term infrastructure development, reflects the UAE's commitment to a stable and prosperous future for Ukraine.

On the sidelines of the conference, Al Hashimy held bilateral meetings with key figures, including Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine, and German officials. These discussions further solidified the UAE's role as a constructive partner in fostering peace and facilitating Ukraine's reconstruction.

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