UAE Businesses Get AI and Big Data Boost with Presight-Dell Collaboration

In a move designed to propel the United Arab Emirates (UAE) further along the digital transformation highway, leading big data analytics company Presight and tech giant Dell Technologies have joined forces. The strategic partnership, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on June 12, 2024, aims to empower businesses in the UAE with the tools and expertise needed to leverage the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data solutions.

Presight, renowned for its generative AI prowess, brings its data analytics expertise to the table. Dell Technologies, a world leader in computing, storage, data protection, and network solutions, contributes its robust technological infrastructure. By combining these strengths, the collaboration promises to usher in a new era for AI and big data adoption across various industries in the UAE.

A key focus area of the partnership will be the development of innovative architectures for edge computing, open RAN (Radio Access Network), and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics. Edge computing allows for data processing closer to where it's generated, reducing latency and improving efficiency. Open RAN promotes interoperability between different network equipment vendors, fostering innovation and competition. IoT analytics refers to the process of extracting insights from the vast amount of data generated by interconnected devices.

The convergence of Presight's AI and data analytics capabilities with Dell's cutting-edge infrastructure solutions will empower businesses to unlock the true potential of these next-generation technologies. Enterprises across the UAE can expect to benefit from enhanced decision-making, improved operational efficiency, and the generation of data-driven insights that can fuel innovation and growth.

The collaboration extends beyond just technological expertise. The MoU also emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity, with a focus on incorporating zero-trust principles into the co-developed solutions. Zero trust is a security framework that assumes no user or device is inherently trustworthy and requires continuous verification for all access attempts. This focus on robust cybersecurity safeguards will be crucial as businesses in the UAE increasingly rely on AI and big data to drive their operations.

The Presight-Dell partnership is a significant development for the UAE's digital transformation journey. By providing businesses with the necessary tools and expertise to harness the power of AI and big data, this collaboration has the potential to propel the UAE further ahead as a regional leader in the digital economy.

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