UAE Authorities Caution Drivers as Fog Reduces Visibility

UAE authorities are urging caution on the roads as thick fog blankets parts of the country, significantly reducing visibility for drivers. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued a yellow alert, warning motorists to be vigilant due to the low visibility conditions.

The fog is expected to be most concentrated in the early morning hours, typically from midnight to around 8:30 am. Areas like Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, and Sharjah are likely to be the most affected. The NCM predicts visibility could drop below 1, 000 meters in some locations, creating a hazardous driving environment.

Responding to the weather conditions, the Abu Dhabi Police advised drivers to exercise extreme caution. They emphasized the importance of maintaining a safe following distance and using fog lights to improve visibility for themselves and other vehicles. Authorities have also activated speed reduction systems on several roads in Abu Dhabi, lowering the maximum speed limit to 80 kilometers per hour.

This safety measure is crucial in foggy conditions, as speeding significantly increases the risk of accidents. Drivers with limited visibility often struggle to judge the distance between vehicles and react to sudden changes in traffic flow. By adhering to the reduced speed limits, motorists can give themselves ample time to react and avoid collisions.

The NCM advises staying updated on the latest weather forecasts before embarking on a journey. They recommend checking weather reports and traffic updates to plan their trips accordingly. If the fog is particularly dense, delaying travel until conditions improve might be the safest option.

For those who must drive during foggy weather, the NCM and law enforcement agencies offer several safety tips. Drivers should avoid using high beams, as the glare can reflect off the fog and further reduce visibility. It's also essential to turn on headlights and taillights to ensure their vehicle is visible to others.

Maintaining a clear view of the road is paramount. Drivers should use their defroster settings to remove any condensation from the windshield that could obstruct their vision. If the fog becomes too dense, it's advisable to pull over to a safe location and wait for conditions to improve before continuing the journey.

Foggy weather conditions can pose a significant challenge for even the most experienced drivers. By following the guidance of authorities and implementing safe driving practices, motorists can navigate these conditions safely and reach their destinations without incident.

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