UAE Athletes Prep for National Games Debut

The United Arab Emirates is gearing up to host the inaugural edition of its Special Olympics National Games tomorrow. This landmark event signifies a significant step towards offering athletes with intellectual disabilities a platform to compete and showcase their talents on home soil.

The Special Olympics UAE organization has been working tirelessly for years to establish a thriving national program. The upcoming games mark the culmination of these efforts, bringing together hundreds of athletes from across the Emirates to participate in various Olympic-style sports.

The UAE's Special Olympics journey began in the early 1990s. Initially, it functioned as a committee under the People of Disabilities Sports Union. Over the years, the program steadily grew, witnessing a surge in athlete participation and an expansion of local and regional competitions.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2019 when Abu Dhabi hosted the Special Olympics World Games. This international event not only placed the UAE on the world map of Special Olympics but also served as a major catalyst for the national program. The UAE delegation, the largest in the nation's sporting history, left a lasting impression, bringing home a significant number of medals.

The Special Olympics National Games build upon this momentum. They present a unique opportunity for Emirati athletes to compete at the national level and experience the thrill of athletic competition close to home. The inclusive environment of the games fosters a sense of community and belonging for these athletes. Moreover, the event is expected to raise national awareness about intellectual disabilities and promote a spirit of acceptance and inclusion.

The UAE has adopted a policy of referring to people with disabilities as "People of Determination, " highlighting their potential and resilience. The Special Olympics National Games serve as a powerful testament to this spirit of determination, providing a platform for athletes to excel and achieve their full potential.

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