UAE and KSA Businesses Bullish on AI Innovation, Dell Technologies Study Reveals

A recent study by Dell Technologies paints a rosy picture of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The research, titled "Dell Technologies Innovation Catalyst Research, " surveyed IT and business decision-makers across these regions and found a remarkable level of confidence in their organizations' preparedness for AI innovation.

According to the study, a staggering 9 in 10 respondents – 95% in the UAE and a perfect 100% in KSA – expressed confidence in their companies' competitive positioning for AI advancements. This optimism extends to the belief that they possess a solid strategy for integrating AI into their operations.

However, the research also highlights a potential disconnect between confidence and preparedness. While a significant majority feels well-positioned, the study reveals concerns surrounding the ever-evolving technological landscape. Nearly half (47%) of respondents across both countries acknowledged uncertainty about the future shape of their industries in the next three to five years. Additionally, a substantial portion (UAE:75%, KSA:not specified) reported struggling to keep pace with the rapid advancements in AI.

The findings underscore the critical role of modern data infrastructure in facilitating AI innovation. The research suggests that businesses recognize this need, with investment in a scalable data infrastructure being identified as the primary area for improvement to accelerate AI adoption. Notably, most IT decision-makers (UAE:87%, KSA:75%) favor a hybrid or on-premises data storage model, potentially reflecting concerns about data security and control in a cloud-centric environment.

Another key takeaway from the study is the significance of seamless data sharing within organizations. The research reveals that only a third of respondents in both regions (UAE:35%, KSA:31%) feel their companies can effectively convert data into real-time insights to support innovation efforts. This highlights the need for improved data accessibility and collaboration across various departments to unlock the full potential of AI.

Overall, the Dell Technologies research offers valuable insights into the current state of AI adoption in the UAE and KSA. While businesses in these regions express confidence in their competitive edge for AI innovation, the findings also emphasize the importance of addressing concerns surrounding rapid technological change and data infrastructure limitations. By focusing on building a robust data foundation and fostering an environment for data-driven decision-making, organizations can translate their optimism into tangible results and unlock the transformative potential of AI.

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