Tesla Recalls Cybertruck for Windshield Wiper, Trim Problems

Tesla's much-anticipated Cybertruck has encountered another bump in the road. On June 19th, the electric vehicle company issued two separate recalls for the futuristic pickup truck, bringing the total number of recalls since its launch in November 2023 to four.

The first recall addresses a potential issue with the Cybertruck's windshield wiper motor. According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the culprit is an electrical component known as the gate driver, which, in some vehicles, might be susceptible to electrical overload. This overload can cause the wiper motor controller to malfunction, leading to complete wiper failure. The NHTSA estimates that roughly 2% of the 11, 688 Cybertrucks on the road may be affected by this issue.

The second recall tackles a problem with the Cybertruck's truck bed trim. This plastic trim piece, located along the edge of the bed, could detach from the vehicle while driving, posing a potential hazard to following motorists. Tesla estimates that 1% of the currently produced Cybertrucks, approximately 11, 383 vehicles, might be equipped with faulty trim.

Tesla has assured Cybertruck owners that both issues will be rectified free of charge at authorized service centers. The company has already begun contacting affected customers to schedule repairs for the windshield wiper motor. The fix for the trim detachment is expected to involve either a replacement or a reinforcement of the existing piece.

These latest recalls add to the list of challenges Tesla has faced with the Cybertruck's production ramp-up. The company encountered delays in getting the truck to market, and earlier recalls addressed concerns about the accelerator pedal pad potentially becoming loose and the possibility of the tail lights malfunctioning.

While these issues are undoubtedly setbacks for Tesla, the company maintains its commitment to delivering a safe and reliable Cybertruck to its customers. They are working diligently to implement the necessary fixes and ensure a smooth ownership experience for Cybertruck drivers. The company has not yet announced any revisions to the Cybertruck's production timeline due to these latest recalls.

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