Special Olympics UAE Joins Forces with Key Partners

The Special Olympics UAE has taken a significant step towards fostering a more inclusive sporting environment for People of Determination with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This initiative involves the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with eleven prominent national institutions and private sector companies.

These partnerships, solidified during the recent UAE Games at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), aim to provide comprehensive support for athletes. The Games themselves were a resounding success, witnessing participation from over 600 athletes across the UAE in a variety of disciplines including badminton, basketball, bowling, football, e-sports, and powerlifting.

The MoUs represent a strategic move by the Special Olympics UAE to integrate People of Determination seamlessly into the wider sports community. The agreements encompass collaborations with leading organizations like the UAE Football Association, the Emirates Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, and the Emirates Bowling Federation. These partnerships will open doors for athletes to train alongside their peers and potentially compete at national and international levels.

Inclusion extends beyond the playing field. The MoUs also encompass collaborations with healthcare institutions such as Burjeel Medical City and Millennium Hospital. This ensures that athletes have access to the medical support they need to train and compete safely. The Emirates Society of Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine is another key partner, providing expertise in areas like physiotherapy and injury prevention.

Looking beyond traditional sports, the agreements include a groundbreaking initiative with the UAE e-Sports Federation. This collaboration recognizes the growing popularity of esports and paves the way for the development of dedicated training programs and competitions for People of Determination within this exciting new sporting domain.

Social media has become a powerful tool for promoting inclusivity, and the Special Olympics UAE acknowledges this with its MoU with The Social Media Pioneers Association. This partnership will focus on leveraging social media platforms to raise awareness about the Special Olympics and celebrate the achievements of People of Determination.

The Special Olympics UAE's National Director, Talal Al Hashemi, expressed his enthusiasm for these partnerships, highlighting their role in building a "comprehensive sports ecosystem for People of Determination. " He emphasized that these agreements represent a significant step towards achieving true inclusivity, allowing "every organization to contribute meaningfully. "

The MoUs mark a turning point for the Special Olympics UAE's mission to empower People of Determination through sports. By joining forces with these key partners, the organization is well-positioned to create a supportive and inclusive environment where athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities can thrive.

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