Sharjah's Kuwait Hospital Recognizes Nurses' Role in Healthcare's Economic Strength

The Nursing Department at Kuwait Hospital Sharjah recently hosted its annual nursing forum, bringing together 200 nurses under the theme "Our Nurses, Our Future and the Economic Power of Care. " The event highlighted the crucial role nurses play in delivering quality healthcare and fostering a robust healthcare system.

Afraa Salem, Director of Kuwait Hospital Sharjah, emphasized the importance of the nursing profession. He acknowledged the inherent humanitarian values nurses embody and the significant services they provide to the community. Salem underscored the forum's objective to keep the nursing staff abreast of the latest advancements in the field, encompassing various clinical and administrative specialties. This focus on continuous learning aims to enhance nurses' performance and ultimately result in improved patient care.

The forum served as a platform to acknowledge the significant progress witnessed within the UAE's healthcare sector. Salem specifically pointed to the strides made in the nursing profession, including the diversification of specializations, the attraction of highly skilled nurses, and a commitment to ongoing scientific development and continuing education programs. These advancements have demonstrably contributed to the overall development of the nursing staff at various healthcare facilities.

Maryam Abdel Qader, Head of the Nursing Department at Kuwait Hospital Sharjah, expressed her gratitude for the unwavering dedication displayed by the nursing staff. She emphasized the vital role nurses play in patient care, underscoring the importance of the forum as an opportunity to express appreciation for their tireless contributions. Qader further stressed the significance of staying current with global developments in the nursing profession to achieve the desired level of excellence in patient care.

The forum aimed to equip nurses with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and recognizing the economic power nurses bring to the healthcare system, Kuwait Hospital Sharjah is taking a proactive approach to ensuring the delivery of exceptional patient care.

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