Sharjah Eyes Spain for Business Training Boost

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) is looking westward for inspiration. Representatives from the SCCI's Sharjah Training and Development Centre (STDC) recently concluded an official visit to Spain as part of the chamber's Strategic Business Leadership program.

The purpose of the trip was to explore potential collaborations and knowledge-sharing opportunities with Spanish institutions specializing in business training and development. The SCCI delegation, eager to enhance the quality and variety of business training programs offered to Sharjah's business community, identified Spain's robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and advanced training methodologies as valuable areas for potential partnerships.

Discussions reportedly centered on the development of customized training programs for Sharjah's business leaders, encompassing areas such as innovation, digital transformation, and leadership development. The delegation also expressed interest in exploring the possibility of joint certification programs with Spanish institutions, allowing Sharjah businesses to gain internationally recognized qualifications.

This initiative aligns with the SCCI's broader strategic goals of fostering a more dynamic and competitive business environment in Sharjah. By equipping local businesses with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving global marketplace, the SCCI hopes to empower Sharjah's entrepreneurs and contribute to the emirate's continued economic diversification.

The visit to Spain marks a significant step in the SCCI's pursuit of international partnerships for business training development. The exchange of knowledge and best practices between Sharjah and Spain has the potential to benefit both regions by fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and ultimately, economic growth.

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