Sharjah Aviation Services Launched to Bolster Airport Expansion

Sharjah International Airport, a key player in the Middle East's aviation landscape, announced the formation of Sharjah Aviation Services (SAS) in a move that strengthens its position as a regional hub. Established in 2007 as a joint venture between the Sharjah Airport Authority and Air Arabia, the first low-cost carrier in the MENA region, SAS provides comprehensive ground handling services for airlines operating at the airport.

The creation of SAS coincided with Sharjah International Airport's ambitious expansion plans. Recognizing the need for a dedicated ground handling company to efficiently manage the growing number of passengers and cargo, the joint venture aimed to streamline operations and enhance the overall customer experience. SAS's expertise encompasses both passenger and ramp handling, ensuring a smooth flow of travelers and baggage through the airport.

Over the years, SAS has grown alongside Sharjah International Airport. Its state-of-the-art cargo terminal, boasting a floor area exceeding 24, 000 square meters, caters to freighter aircraft and passenger belly cargo. The company leverages advanced technologies and a well-trained workforce to deliver efficient and customized cargo handling solutions, solidifying Sharjah's position as a leading cargo hub.

SAS's success is reflected in its profitability achieved within the first year of operation. This rapid financial achievement underscores the strategic importance of the company in supporting the airport's expansion goals. By providing high-quality ground handling services, SAS has directly contributed to attracting new airlines and increasing passenger traffic at Sharjah International Airport.

Looking ahead, SAS remains committed to playing a pivotal role in the continued development of Sharjah International Airport. As the airport expands its reach and welcomes a growing number of passengers and cargo movements, SAS is well-positioned to provide the exceptional ground handling support that has become its hallmark. With a focus on continuous improvement and technological innovation, SAS is poised to ensure a seamless and efficient travel experience for all who utilize Sharjah International Airport.

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