Sharjah Authority Unveils First Stage of Luxurious Khorfakkan Destination

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) announced the successful completion of the initial phase of its ‘Najd Al Meqsar’ project, marking a significant step forward in establishing Khorfakkan as a premier tourist destination. Managed by the Sharjah Collection, ‘Najd Al Meqsar’ is envisioned as a luxurious hospitality and heritage tourism retreat situated in the eastern region of Sharjah’s emirate.

The meticulously designed first phase boasts an array of features geared towards providing an unparalleled and enriching experience for both local and international visitors. Adventure enthusiasts can embark on designated walking trails that offer breathtaking panoramic views of Khorfakkan's picturesque landscape. The trails are strategically designed to immerse visitors in the historical essence of the village, while also providing direct access to the Al Rafisah Dam through a dedicated pathway.

Shurooq has prioritized the preservation of the region's cultural heritage throughout the development process. The project is being constructed in two distinct phases, each meticulously planned to safeguard and restore the original foundations. Upon completion, the heritage-inspired development will encompass designated trails, granting convenient access to the Wadi Wishi archaeological site, further enriching the cultural experience for visitors.

The ‘Najd Al Meqsar’ project adheres to stringent ESG standards, signifying Shurooq’s commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. This dedication is reflected in the project’s design and execution, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

The unveiling of the ‘Najd Al Meqsar’ project’s first phase represents a significant milestone in Shurooq’s endeavor to transform Khorfakkan into a world-class tourist destination. By seamlessly blending luxurious hospitality experiences with the preservation of the region’s cultural heritage, ‘Najd Al Meqsar’ is poised to attract a wider range of tourists to the emirate, bolstering Sharjah’s position as a leader in the UAE’s tourism sector.

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