Sharjah Airport poised for growth as expansion project stays on track

Sharjah Airport's ambitious expansion project is on schedule, according to Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA). This multi-billion dollar initiative promises to transform the airport into a major regional hub, equipped to handle a significantly increased passenger capacity.

Al Midfa's assurances come after a recent visit to Italy, where he met with representatives of the overseeing company responsible for the design and construction of the new passenger terminal and central facilities station. The expansion project is just one element of a wider plan encompassing 18 separate initiatives aimed at modernizing Sharjah Airport.

During the Italian visit, discussions focused on project progress, design details, and implementation strategies. Al Midfa emphasized his satisfaction with the collaborative efforts between the parties involved and expressed confidence that the project will achieve the highest standards of excellence.

The expansion project prioritizes not only increased capacity but also passenger experience. The new terminal will boast modern amenities and improved facilities, ensuring a more comfortable and efficient journey for travelers. Sharjah Airport's annual passenger capacity is expected to reach 25 million by mid-2027 upon completion of the project.

Sustainability is another key focus of the expansion. The project incorporates eco-friendly materials and adheres to rigorous environmental standards, aligning with the UAE's commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. This focus on environmental responsibility reflects Sharjah's broader vision for sustainable development.

The expansion of Sharjah Airport is a strategic investment that will solidify the emirate's position as a major aviation player in the region. The project is expected to attract new airlines, boost tourism, and create fresh economic opportunities. Sharjah Airport is well on its way to becoming a premier destination for travelers, positioned to meet the demands of a growing aviation industry.

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