Saudi EV Brand Strikes $2 Billion Deal for Hyundai Drive Systems

Saudi Arabia's electric vehicle (EV) company, Ceer, has signed a significant agreement with South Korea's Hyundai Transys worth SR8. 2 billion (US$2. 18 billion). This deal secures the supply of Hyundai Transys' cutting-edge "EV Drive Systems" for Ceer's upcoming electric vehicles.

The announcement, made through a press release by Ceer, highlights the transformative nature of Hyundai Transys' integrated Electric Drive System. This system boasts a revolutionary three-in-one design, combining a propulsion motor, inverter, and reduction gear into a single unit. This innovative approach offers several advantages. By eliminating the need for separate components, the system minimizes power loss within the vehicle and optimizes space utilization.

This collaboration between Ceer and Hyundai Transys signifies a critical step forward for Saudi Arabia's ambitions in the electric vehicle market. Ceer, a joint venture between the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Foxconn, has been established as a pioneer in the country's EV sector. The company leverages licensed component technology from BMW in its vehicle development process.

The agreement with Hyundai Transys provides Ceer with access to a proven and advanced EV drive system technology. This will undoubtedly accelerate Ceer's development and production of its electric vehicles. The enhanced efficiency and space optimization offered by the Hyundai system are likely to translate into vehicles with improved performance and potentially, a more competitive edge in the market.

Analysts suggest that this deal holds broader significance for Saudi Arabia's economic diversification efforts. The kingdom has been actively pursuing a move away from its dependence on oil and is setting its sights on becoming a leader in the electric vehicle industry. The Ceer-Hyundai Transys partnership is a testament to these ambitions and could potentially attract further investment and collaboration in the country's EV sector.

The specific details regarding the types and volumes of EV Drive Systems to be supplied by Hyundai Transys remain undisclosed. However, the substantial value of the agreement (SR8. 2 billion) indicates a long-term commitment between the two companies. This suggests that the partnership could extend beyond the initial supply of drive systems and potentially encompass future technological collaborations or joint ventures.

The agreement between Ceer and Hyundai Transys is a significant development for both companies and for Saudi Arabia's burgeoning electric vehicle industry. With access to Hyundai's advanced technology, Ceer is well-positioned to accelerate its EV production and compete effectively in the global market. This deal also serves as a strong indicator of Saudi Arabia's commitment to economic diversification and its aspirations to become a major player in the future of electric mobility.

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