Saudi e-Notary Services Now Available in Jordan and UAE

The Saudi Ministry of Justice is expanding its digitalization efforts, offering its e-notary services to citizens in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This move streamlines the process of obtaining Power of Attorney (PoA) documents for those residing abroad. Previously, only Saudi consulates and embassies in Egypt offered this e-notary service.

The e-notary system allows individuals to obtain PoAs electronically, eliminating the need for physical visits to embassies or consulates. This reduces processing times and enhances convenience for Saudi citizens living or working in Jordan and the UAE. The PoA serves as a legal document authorizing another person to act on the applicant's behalf in various matters, be it financial transactions, property management, or other situations requiring legal representation.

Justice Ministry officials highlighted the significance of this development, emphasizing its role in facilitating business and personal affairs for Saudi citizens abroad. The streamlined process is expected to boost cross-border trade and investment activities between Saudi Arabia and the two neighboring countries.

The e-notary system functions through a secure online portal, accessible via the Ministry of Justice website. Applicants can initiate the PoA request, provide necessary details, and submit the application electronically. The system then routes the request to the relevant authorities for verification and approval. Once approved, the e-notary PoA is issued electronically, readily accessible to the applicant and authorized representative.

This initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, a strategic framework aimed at diversifying the economy and promoting technological advancements across various sectors. The Ministry of Justice's e-notary system exemplifies this vision by leveraging digital solutions to enhance efficiency and accessibility of legal services for Saudi citizens abroad.

The expansion of e-notary services to Jordan and the UAE is a significant step towards a more interconnected and digitalized legal landscape for Saudi citizens living and working in these countries. The initiative is expected to contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly experience when dealing with legal matters that require documented authorization.

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