Saudi Arabia Surges in Global AI Talent Pool

Saudi Arabia is experiencing a significant influx of artificial intelligence (AI) specialists, according to a recent LinkedIn survey. The report indicates a positive shift in the Kingdom's position within the global AI talent landscape.

The survey results reveal a nine-place jump for Saudi Arabia in the rankings for attracting AI experts. The country currently sits at 15th globally when considering AI talent attraction relative to population size. This significant improvement from 24th place last year suggests a growing appeal for the Kingdom as a destination for AI professionals.

Furthermore, the survey highlights a rise in the overall AI skillset penetration within the Saudi workforce. The country climbed five positions to reach 30th place globally. This indicates a growing number of professionals in Saudi Arabia possessing the necessary capabilities to contribute to the advancement of AI technologies.

These positive developments align with Saudi Arabia's ambitious Vision 2030 goals. The national transformation plan prioritizes technological innovation as a key driver for economic diversification and future prosperity. The influx of AI talent and the corresponding growth in AI skillsets position the Kingdom to become a prominent player in the global AI landscape.

The survey also underscores a commitment to fostering inclusivity within the Saudi AI industry. The data suggests progress in narrowing the gender gap within the sector, indicating a positive move towards a more representative and diverse AI workforce.

The findings resonate with a broader global trend towards the increasing adoption of generative AI, a powerful branch of AI focusing on content creation. The survey reveals that a substantial portion (79%) of Saudi employees anticipate significant transformations in their work dynamics due to AI advancements in the coming year.

This surge in AI talent and skillsets is further bolstered by a steadily growing domestic AI talent pool. The LinkedIn data shows a doubling of the Kingdom's AI workforce since 2016. This substantial expansion strengthens Saudi Arabia's capacity for innovation and development in the field of AI.

The positive trends identified in the LinkedIn survey paint a promising picture for Saudi Arabia's future as a hub for AI expertise. The Kingdom's concerted efforts to attract and develop AI talent position it strategically to harness the transformative power of this technology and propel its economic and technological ambitions.

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