Reunited Assange's Wife Calls for Privacy, Praises Supporters

Stella Assange, wife of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, expressed relief and gratitude after her husband's long legal battle culminated in his return to Australia.

Speaking to reporters following Assange's arrival, Stella emphasized the importance of family time for healing and expressed a desire for privacy. "We just want to take a breath and let Julian recover, " she said. Assange spent years under investigation and detention in connection with WikiLeaks' publication of classified U. S. documents.

Stella acknowledged the Australian government's role in securing Assange's return, crediting Prime Minister and other officials for their diplomatic efforts. She also highlighted the significance of public support throughout the ordeal. "This is a huge win for Julian, but also a win for free speech, " Stella declared. "We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has joined us in this fight. "

Assange's legal team, led by lawyer Jennifer Robinson, has maintained that the charges against him were politically motivated and constituted an attack on journalism. Stella echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the chilling effect the case could have on investigative reporting. "The need to protect free speech is what fueled the global movement that led to Julian's release, " she stated.

Assange's return to Australia follows a series of legal maneuvers, including his pleading guilty to a lesser charge in the U. K. to avoid extradition to the U. S. The details of any potential further legal proceedings in Australia remain unclear.

Stella's comments come amidst ongoing debate about the merits of WikiLeaks' activities and the legal implications of the case. Assange's supporters hail him as a champion of transparency, while critics argue that his actions endangered lives. Regardless of the ongoing controversy, Stella's message underscored the human cost of the legal battle and the desire for a return to normalcy for the Assange family.

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