Indian Travelers Seek Convenience When Choosing Hotels

For Indian travelers, a comfortable and hassle-free stay is paramount when picking a hotel. While factors like price and location remain important considerations, a recent study by Booking. com reveals a growing focus on amenities and services that enhance convenience.

The survey highlights the significant role on-site dining options play for Indian tourists. A staggering 83% of respondents prioritize access to a restaurant within the hotel itself. This preference for on-site dining can be attributed to several factors, including cultural dietary preferences and a desire for familiarity.

Another key takeaway is the increasing demand for flexible check-in and check-out times. According to the study, a seamless and adaptable 24-hour check-in process is a priority for 81% of Indian travelers. This emphasis on flexibility aligns with the evolving travel styles of Indians, who are increasingly opting for shorter getaways and extended weekend trips.

Beyond location and price, in-room amenities are a major deciding factor for Indian travelers. The desire for a cool and comfortable environment is reflected in the 73% who listed in-room air conditioning as a must-have feature. Similarly, 74% of respondents highlighted the importance of a complimentary breakfast, showcasing the enduring appeal of a well-rounded morning meal to kickstart a day of exploration.

Security and peace of mind are also crucial aspects for Indian travelers. The study found that 72% prioritize safe and secure luggage storage facilities. This focus on security is particularly relevant for those traveling with families or valuables.

The survey also sheds light on the in-room features that enhance a comfortable stay for Indian travelers. An overwhelming 85% seek flexibility in room service options, allowing them to dine in at their convenience. Additionally, a scenic view (83%) and readily available power outlets near the bed (76%) are among the sought-after in-room conveniences.

These findings suggest that Indian travelers are increasingly prioritizing a holistic hotel experience that goes beyond just a place to sleep. Hotels that cater to these evolving preferences by offering a combination of convenience, comfort, and essential amenities are likely to resonate better with Indian vacationers.

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